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Show Entry Form

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This form is for entry into our live shows and payment can be made via PayPal or BACS but cheques are not accepted - you will be sent an invoice after your entry is processed

Entry is open to anyone with a FIFe accepted breed and any domestic long or shorthaired cat.  Pedigree cats must be registered with one of the recognised registries but for new exhibitors you do not need to be a club member

Your entry is not confirmed until payment is received

If you are unsure about any information or have any questions, please use our contact form

EMS codes, accepted breeds and full details can be found on the FIFe website

If you are a a strictly cats club member and have entered your cats into the database, then please use the entry form within the member pages

VENUE - April 2024

Leatherhead Leisure Centre

Guildford Rd,


Leatherhead KT22 9AS



If you are new to showing then please don't hesitate to message if you get stuck on any details

If you are entering a pedigree cat into the show you will find all the required details on your official pedigree

If this is your cats first FIFe show and they do not hold any titles then you will need to select open class for any entire cat over 12 months or neuter class for any cat over 12 months that is neutered

When entering the kitten and junior class please take into account that they must be 4 months old to enter and as soon as they turn 8 months they will need to be in junior class

Side Classes


Spring Kitty - any kitten 4 - 12 months

Flower Queens - any female over 12 months entire or neutered


Prefix Blossoms - open to any cat with the same prefix/suffix

(doesn't have to be same breed) 2-4 cats per entry

Sunshine King - any male cat over 12 months entire or neutered

Side class winners will all receive a rosette and small gift

Best Dressed Pen

Spring/Easter Theme

Best pen/cage will receive a prize and is free to enter

Entry Fees - Early Bird ends 10th March  2024

Category 1 Entry per cat/kitten

1 day entry - £25 per cat

2 day entry - £40 per cat

Special offer to help get the 70 entries required

Category 2, 3 & 4

1 day entry - £35 per cat

2 day entry - £55 per cat

House Hold Pets & Exhibition

1 day entry - £15 per  cat

2 day entry - £30 per cat

Entry Fees - from 11th March 2024

Entry per cat/kitten

1 day entry - £60 per cat

2 day entry - £80 per cat


House Hold Pet & Exhibition

1 day entry - £30 per cat

2 day entry - £60 per cat

Entry fees DO NOT include cages

if you require the use of a club cage

please add an additional £10 per day with up to 2 cats or 3 kittens in a cage

Strictly cats associate and full members get an additional £1 off per cat per day

Full members also get 1 free entry as long as they have 1 full paid entry

Colour Assessment - £5 per cat

Side class entry Prices

 - £3 per cat/kitten 

 - £5 per entry (2 to 4 cats per entry ONLY)


Current Show Details

April 13th & 14th 2024



Mr. Juan José Martinez Vizcaino - All Breed (ES)

Henry Hornell  - All Breed (PL)

Mr. Zvezdan Memedov - 1 & 2 (SE)



Show Sponsors






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logo spring.jpg

Spring/Easter Theme

Best decorated pen competition

Wet Cat

Bath Time!!

Get those pretty kitties all ready for the show.  Grooming time is getting close and remember if you need any advice on what products are good for your beautiful kitties we have lots of businesses able to help. We have lots of sponsors and stalls who have great products to help you get ready for the show so check out their websites on our sponsor & stall page.



Don't forget a show environment can be a little stressful for first timers so why not try a calming product to help them relax during the show.  

We have super judges and stewards who will try to make sure your kittens enjoy the event.



Here you can enjoy the whole show excitement with the chance to win great prizes from the club and our sponsors as well as the opportunity to gain titles for your winning cats.

A relaxed format where you can show your cat to the judge and always be with them to keep them calm.  The only time you will not be able to handle your cat is if you have the success of nomination and your cat ends up in best in show


Placeholder Entry Form

Don't know who to bring but want to take advantage of the early bird discounted entry fees?

Then fill in the Placeholder form and you can enter you cats at a later date but pay now for your entries

Please remember that payment is required before the 10th March 2024 to have the early bird prices

Placeholder Entries

Thanks for submitting!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Show Entry Form

CAT 1 Entry

Sex (cat 1)
Enter Another Cat (2)

Determination Class (Colour Assessment)

Cat 1 - Side class Entries

CAT 2 Entry

Sex (cat 2)
Enter Another Cat (3)

Determination Class (Colour Assessment)

Cat 2 - Side class Entries

CAT 3 Entry

Sex (cat 3)
Enter Another Cat (4)

Determination Class (Colour Assessment)

Cat 3 - Side class Entries

CAT 4 Entry

Sex (cat 4)

Determination Class (Colour Assessment)

Cat 4 - Side class Entries

Penning Requirements

Please tell us if you will be bringing your own cage or require the use of a club cage

If you do not detail this, we will automatically allocate a space without a club cage

Please remember to detail below which cat's will be sharing or enter N/A if this does not apply

Are you a new exhibitor?

This show will have a digital catalogue sent on Thursday and a QR code will be available on the day at the show.  However if you would like to purchase a printed catalogue this is £4, please use the drop down menu below to select if you would like to buy a copy

Once you have completed the form please press submit button and you will receive a confirmation email, if successfully uploaded

If you are having problems please check that you have answered all the required fields shown with a *

You will receive an invoice via the email you provided and you may pay via PayPal (fees apply) or BACS and the details for bank payment will be included on the invoice

This show will be organised according to FIFe and FB rules. By completing an entry form you are agreeing to abide by these rules. You are also agreeing that any photographs taken during the show of your cat may be used by Strictly Cats for publicity purposes

The Show Manager reserves the right to refuse entry

By hitting submit I certify that the above data is true and correct and I shall respect the FIFe & FB show rules.


Thank you for your entries!!

Entries are now closed!

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