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Ticket Purchase - Strictly Cats Live Show

13th & 14th April 2024
Leatherhead Lesuire Centre
Guildford Rd
Fetcham, Leatherhead
T22 9AS

Spring TimeThemed Cat Show

This is the page to buy your entry tickets at a reduced price and guarantee you get to see all the beautiful cats on show

  • Meet the owners/breeders and chat to them about their breed, showing or even contact information for future kitten availability

  • Pet products on sale that you may not find in your general shopping outlets

  • Special deals on products from our sponsors and retailers

  • Lots of cats on show and a mix of well known and rare breeds such as American Curl, Burmese, Ragdoll, Exotic, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat and many more

Lots of vendors selling great items to treat yourself or your pets

Show Times for Visitors​

Saturday 10am to 4pm

Sunday 10am to 4pm

How the show runs

In the morning all the cats are judged by their assigned judge, visitors can watch the judging listen to the judge describe the attributes of the breed and a critique is written about each point.

The judge has a different selection of cats from different categories, a detailed list of these can be found on our flyer page

Once the category has been judged, they will call back the cats and each kitten, junior, adult and neuter will then compete for a nomination to best in show

After all the judging has been completed at around 1 to 2pm (this does vary depending on how many cats are present each day) we take a lunch break

After lunch we then have our Best in Show line up, this is where all the nominated cats compete to gain the best in show title and prizes

You could also enter the show and try a cat show for yourself. Enter your domestic long or shorthair or maybe you have a registered pedigree cat that you think is beautiful and could wow the judges Enter Here

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