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Club President

Roy Hollely


Tracey Spooner


Anna Bazylakova

Membership Clerk

Jan Janco


Michelle Gillon


Kavita Vincent

Committee Members

Kavita Vincent

Roy Hollely

Tracey Spooner

Christopher Spooner

Promotions & Advertisement

Anna Bazylakova

Show Commission

Show Manager

Kavita Vincent


Entry Clerk

Roy Hollely

Sponsorship & Promotion

Tatjana Sliziene

Michelle Gillon


Vendor Coordinator 

Rachel Baker


Tracey Spooner

Ginny Black

Teit Neiiendam

Tracy Baker

Katalin Caplice


We are a not for profit club working to promote responsible pet ownership and healthy pedigree breeding. Encouraging good practices in the care of cats and healthy selective breeding of pedigree cats.  

The club holds shows throughout the year, following required rules, for anyone to attend.  Members and non-members can participate in the shows which boast  having over 100 cats and judges from across Europe.

Also as part of membership to the club we process pedigree registration and title applications, all connected to FIFe

Also as we cannot currently put on live cat shows we will be creating online virtual shows for everyone to participate.  This is an opportunity for everyone to give it a go and have some fun.  As these are just for fun, anyone can enter a registered pedigree cat (FIFe recognized breed) or domestic cat to the show.

Check out the Virtual Show page for more information

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