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Associate Membership Application

All prospective members are required to complete this registration form

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December and requires a renewal application each year

As an associate member you are not a member of FIFe and our club will not process any registrations or titles claims, submitted by you.  

You are entitled to club offers and deals that we have for shows or other events

You also have access to our online members area that has extra features and benefits for members

You are required to follow club rules and also accept any advice or guidance from Strictly Cats Committee

* These are required fields 

Please select your required type of membership.  Joint or family members must reside at the same address as the main member 

  • Single - £10.50

  • Joint - £15.75

  • Family - £26  (up to 5 family members)

*Membership Type

If you have selected joint or family membership please fill in all member details below.  Please include emails for members if club emails are required for all members.

Please read & submit: In applying to become an associate member of strictly cats, I confirm that;-

  • All the details entered in this form are accurate to the best of my knowledge

  • I have read Strictly Cats Rules in regards to membership

  • I understand that as an associate member I am not a member of FIFe and club registrations and title validations will not be allowed

  • You allow Strictly cats to use and process your details in the course of club business

  • Any photos submitted or uploaded to the club can be used in the course of club activities including promotion and advertising of the club

By submitting this form we accept this as confirmation and agreement to the above​

Please select

Your application has been submitted

Once you have successfully submitted your application Strictly cats will send a invoice with payment options on including a PayPal link for quick and easy payment

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