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Hugging Birman Cat

Meet The Breeders

This Page is all about meeting our club breeders finding out why they came to love the breed, why they do what they do and about there cattery.

Breeding gives a lot of joy but also a heap of heartbreak and tears...



Ahead of our next show, I’m talking to Marta, owner of the stunning poster girl of our April show, Alenka Seren Silva Carus.





Congratulations on your stunning cat and star of the show title!


Thank you so much! We are super excited to have Alenka as the poster girl.

Her mum, Rusalka Vistula*PL (aka Tosia) is from Poland, and dad  Poldie von der Sperlingshohe is our mentor's cat. 

Alenka was born in our own cattery; it was very first litter and we couldn't have hoped for a more amazing girl.



How long have you been breeding Siberians?


We have been showing Siberians for nearly six years and breeding for three. It took us a while to find the perfect girl - Alenka's mum - and even longer to learn everything there is to know.


How many cats have you got in your cattery?


We have two neutered pets - Chester and Loki - they're the reason we decided to become breeders. We also have three queens, two boys, two young girls, and Alenka's mum has also stayed with us. So...ten in total.


Why did you chose Siberians? What’s special about this breed? 


Originally, we thought we'd never be able to have cats as my mum is awfully allergic. When we've heard that Siberians are hypoallergenic, we didn't really believe it. 

We came across a breeder nearby, who later became our mentor, and spent hours at her house. My mum had no reaction at all. We took two beautiful boys home and never looked back.

Siberians are an absolutely amazing breed. They love to be with people and are super curious and want to be involved in everything you do. They're more dogs than cats! 

They're very smart and learn tricks easily and are very playful, which makes them perfect for families with kids. They're also gentle and very sweet.


Our main focus is actually showing. While having kittens is great, we want to show our cats first and foremost. That's why we don't have many kittens available each year. 

Alenka is now working towards her Grand International Champion title and also does superbly, winning many BIS, and had BIC last year. We are very proud of her.

Castiel has International Champion title, and two more of our girls are Champions.








What challenges have you had on your breeding journey?


We had ups and downs during the years we've been breeding. Luckily many more happy moments than bad luck. But for anyone who thinks about breeding, it really isn't for everyone and can break you sometimes.

You remember each kitten you couldn't save. Each time the girls are pregnant we worry about them and the kittens.

Just last year we came so very close to losing Alenka's mum. She had to be rushed to the vet for emergency c-section. We lost all but two kittens from her very last litter...

Raising them wasn't easy either as Tosia didn't have enough milk. And just as we breathed relief, she stepped on one of the girls and hurt her. 

It took work around the clock, getting up every 2 hours to feed the little bean. We have managed, with help of some superb people and ideas outside the box. 


Everyone can meet this little survivor at the upcoming Strictly Cats show - her name is Jolene and she's so our first unrecognised colour kitten  - bimetallic, or sunshine silver. 


We’ll definitely keep our followers posted on Jolene’s progress. 


















Any tips for new breeders?


Think it through and spend time learning first. Go to shows, meet people, see the breeds. You need to know the breed, the breeders and what to expect... There will be a lot of joy but also a heap of heartbreak and tears...

By Marta Gregorczuk














Cats are my life and they are with us for life. 
Beverly Collins speaks with Marta Gregorczuk about her love for cat shows and a house full of fluffy babies.

Beverly Collins is the owner of Tudor Vendellek*PL, the stunning Norwegian Forest who scooped the World Winner title at the Belgium World Show last year.


Tudor is the most gentle and lovable boy and very easy to work with. That said, Bev was surprised by his spectacular success. 


‘He was only 10 months old. I like his white fur as it’s not that common in the UK, but I didn’t think he had an advantage to win because of it.’ 


But speaking with her I quickly realise this is just Bev’s modesty shining through. And she finally lets the cat out of the bag..


‘I’ve done pretty well with titling. Most of my cats are International Champions’.


So Tudor’s win is not that coincidental after all. Beverly is a professional and knows exactly what she’s doing. She just loves showing, her numerous stories make me think cat shows are her natural environment. 

’Shows are for being with friends and making new friends and having a good weekend, and a great opportunity to learn from other breeders,’ she reveals. 


Bev is a natural with cats, there’s always one at home. Currently ten cats roam around her house. She has  Mainecoons, Persian, Kurilian Bobtails, Ragdolls and Norwegian Forests. She get very attached to her kitties. She never rehomes her furry friends. 


‘Cats are my life and they are with us for life,’  she says emotionally. 


She spends a lot of time with her cats, grooming them, bathing and playing. However, two of her cats stopped enjoying the shows so they now stay at home because Bev would never force a cat if it’s too much pressure.


‘Show is my hobby, not the cats’ so if a cat doesn’t like it, that’s it!’


Interestingly, after all those years of showing, Bev is new to breeding. Her Norwegian Forest girl, Winter, had her first litter recently. 

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