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At our April show we will have lots of discount codes and products from these amazing brands who have sponsored this upcoming show

This raffle is open to UK only and will have tickets on sale at the show

You have to be there to purchase, so don't miss out on some amazing prizes

We will have a mix of items on both Saturday and Sunday so everyone can have an opportunity to win something 

Strictly Cats Show Details

VENUE - April
15th & 16th April 2023
Theale Green School

Church Street



This show will run on a FIFe style format with cats divided by age, gender and category

  • You will be assigned one judge to evaluate your cat on the day and you present your cat to the judge

  • Your judge will assess your cat and write up a critique explaining what they like and what needs improvement in regards to your breeds standard

  • If your cat meets the standard you will then be given an award at the bottom of your critique which (if an adult) you can keep to claim future titles.  However you may have competition for the award if there is more than your cat in the same class and colour group.  In this case the judge will compare the cats and give the certificate to the cat that they feel meets the standard best.  In this case you could get EX2, EX3 etc which cannot be used to claim a title

  • Awards available are;- (recognised breeds only)

CAC/CAP - Champion/Premier (3 certificates to claim)

CACIB/CAPIB - International Champion/International Premier (5 certificates to claim)

CAGCIB/CAGPIB - Grand International Champion/Grand International Premier (7 certificates to claim)

CACS/CAPS - Supreme Champion/Supreme Premier (9 certificates to claim)

ONLY one certificate is given per show day unless it is a 1 day 2 certificate show

  • Also available is a best in variety but this does require a minimum number of cats in your group to be available.  This means that you can go up against kitten/junior/male/female for overall best in variety and a rosette is presented to the winner.  These awards can also be saved to gain an extra title for your cat. If you were beaten by another cat for best in variety and they were not in your class, your cat can still be put forward for nomination.  

  • Each judge will be able to nominate one kitten, junior, adult Female, adult male, neuter female and neuter male from each of the 4 categories and 1 male and 1 female from the household pet section

  • To be put forward to best in show your cat must gain at least 97 points from the standard points available

  • Nomination - The judge you have assigned for the day will call up all the cats they think can be put forward to best in show.  This means if you are called for nomination you will go up against all the cats in your category, sex and age group.  The judge will ask you to hold your cat so that they can judge them against all the other cats you are up against.  From the group they will pick one cat to go up to best in show and you will receive a nomination medal if successful 

  • Unrecognised breeds can still be assessed and gain EX1 etc but no title certificate.  They can also be nominated to best in show but will only compete against other nominated unrecognised breeds

  • Categories consist of:

  1. Category 1 - Exotic, Persian, Ragdoll, Sacred Birman​ & Turkish Van

  2. Category 2 - American Curl (long and shorthair), LaPerm (long and shorthair), Maine Coon, Neva Masquerade, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian & Turkish Angora

  3. Category 3 - Bengal, British (long and shorthair), Burmilla, Burmese, Chartreux, Cymric, European, Kuriliean Bobtail (long and shorthair), Korat, Manx, Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Singapura, Snowshoe, Sokoke & Selkirk Rex (long and shorthair)

  4. Category 4 - Abyssinian, Balinese, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Don Sphynx, German Rex, Japanese Bobtail (shorthair), Oriental (long and shorthair), Peterbold, Russian Blue, Siamese, Somali, Sphynx & Thai

  5. Category 5 - House cat (short and long coated) and can include pedigree pets but must be from one in the category lists

  6. Category 6 - None recognised breeds - American Bobtail (long and shorthair), American shorthair, American Wirehair, Asian, Australian Mist, Bombay, Bohemian Rex, Japanese Bobtail longhair, Lykoi, Me-Kong Bobtail, Nebelung, Ragamuffin, Toyger, Tiffanie & Tonkinese (long and shorthair)

  • If your breed is not listed then you cannot enter the show

  • If lucky enough to go forward to best in show you will be asked to place your cat in the penning area when your number is put up.  You must place your cat in the pen and then leave the area for best in show to continue.  Judging will take place in categories and each category will run as follows

Kitten then Junior - overall winners of each will go up against each other​

Neuter female then neuter male - overall winners will go up against each other

Female then male - overall winners will go up against each other

Overall winners from each group will then go up against each other for best overall in category

Overall Category winner will then be placed in the winners area for overall best in show panel

  • Please remember to only collect your cat when your cats name and you as the owner are announced.  If your cat wins the section it will not be announced and instead will be placed back in the pens at the back of the judging podiums or in the best in show pens if overall category winner.  Please do not go up to the pens during best in show unless you are placing a cat in a pen

  • Best in show cats will receive a rosette

  • Best in category cats will receive a rosette, trophy, cat litter and food

  • Please remember that you cannot leave the show until best in show has finished and also remember to get your certificates stamped if you had a best in show.  These best in show awards can be saved to gain special titles

Full EMS codes can be found on the

FIFe website 

Our Judges
Video Coming Soon

Our Sponsors

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Chris of KNIGHTPICS will be available to take pictures of all your beautiful cats on Sunday.

All pictures taken will be available to purchase for £10.00 including BIS, BIC & BOB.

BIC & BOB for both days will be used on social media and Website by the club.

Please Click on his logo to see his work.

Video's and More Sponsors coming soon

Julia and Andrew Forbes-Nish

Dovestone Burmese 

jumping cat.jpg

Entry Cost 1 Day

Entry cost for the first cat for 1 day



Member Entry


photo bomb.jpg

Entry Cost 2 Days

Entry cost for first cat for 2 days



Member Entry


cat in box.jpg

Free Entry for FULL Members

Full Members - one free entry (conditions apply)


£40 or £60

Member Entry


Entry fees detailed above do not include the use of a show cage

Please add £5 per day, per cat, if you require a show cage for the show weekend

Allocated space per entry is 4ft per cat, if your cats can share a 4ft space please detail on your entry form

Colour Assessment - £5 per cat

Side Classes


Bunny Baby - any kitten 4 - 10 months

Easter Egg Collection - any blood related cats (2 or more)


April Bunny - any female over 10 months

Peter Rabbit - any male over 10 months

Each winner will receive a rosette and small gift, if we have a good entry then rosettes will be supplied for 1st to 4th placed cats

Side classes Rosettes have been sponsored by 1:1 Diet

Prizes Sponsored by Panda Pops Boutique & Rusty Paws 

Side class entry - £3 per cat per class

Knockout - open to everyone with super prizes, earn points to be the top at the end of the year

Current Show Details

April 15th & 16th 2023

ENTRIES CLOSE 6th April 2023, 12am


Mrs. Laura Scholten - All Breed (NL)

Mr. Martin Kabina - All Breed (CZ)

Mrs. Lucie Pánková - 2, 3 & 4 (CZ)

Show Manager - Kavita Vincent

Entry Clerk - Roy Hollely

Important – Vetting–in

Times Strictly   7:30am – 8.45am Saturday 8am - 8:30am Sunday

Rosettes - The club will only supply rosettes for Best in Variety and Best in Show


Vaccinations - All cats must be inoculated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, FVR & FCV. The full course in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation must have been completed at least 15 days prior to the show. You will be required to produce a current vaccination certificate for each cat exhibited.

White Cats - No White cat can be accepted at a FIFE show without a certificate of hearing. This will need to be produced during the vetting in process.


Entry Changes – May be made up to 10 days prior to the show for an administration fee of £5.00.  Amendments will be done free of charge.   Completing the entry form is the exhibitor’s responsibility.

Confirmation - it is the Exhibitors responsibility to ensure that an entry has been accepted. Please email if you have any concerns about your entry

Show Classes - the Show Manager will enter your cat in the appropriate class according to information received. It is the Exhibitors responsibility to check their cat’s details in the catalogue and if a mistake is found, inform the secretariat before the judging commences, after which point it is be too late.

Stewarding - exhibitors will be asked to present their own cats to the judge however help will be on hand if required.

Cat Names - the full registered name (exactly as it is stated on the registration document, including any registration letter and/ or titles and awards) must also be stated on the show entry form. Awards and titles gained at the show are dependent on the correct information being available to the Show Manager.

Colour Assessments - please advise the Entry clerk at the time of entering if you require a colour Assessment.  All colour assessments will be charged £5 per cat and if this is not requested at time of entering the show, we may not be able to accommodate you.

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