Strictly Cats Show Details

12th & 13th February 2021
North Solihill sports centre
Conway road
Birmingham , B37 5LA


This show is in the same hall as TICA, TICATY BOO cat club and as such you have the chance to enter both FIFE and TICA.  We have arranged this so that all our exhibitors can try a different format if they want to in the comfort of a FIFe show with friends.  

As an extra treat we will be offering all our exhibitors who enter both FIFe and TICA a money off voucher.  You will receive a £5 off voucher for a future Strictly Cats show and also a £5 off voucher for a future TICATY BOO show



TICATY BOO Facebook page

STRICTLY CATS Facebook page


This show will run on a FIFe style format with cats divided by age, gender and category

  • Each judge will be able to nominate one kitten, junior, adult Female, adult male, neuter female and neuter male from each of the 5 categories and 1 male and 1 female from the household pet section

  • Categories consist of:

  1. Category 1 - Exotic, Persian, Ragdoll, Sacred Birman​ & Turkish Van

  2. Category 2 - American Curl (long and shorthair), LaPerm (long and shorthair), Maine Coon, Neva Masquerade, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian & Turkish Angora

  3. Category 3 - Bengal, British (long and shorthair), Burmilla, Burmese, Chartreux, Cymric, European, Kuriliean Bobtail (long and shorthair), Korat, Manx, Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Singapura, Snowshoe, Sokoke & Selkirk Rex (long and shorthair)

  4. Category 4 - Abyssinian, Balinese, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Don Sphynx, German Rex, Japanese Bobtail (shorthair), Oriental (long and shorthair), Peterbold, Russian Blue, Siamese, Somali, Sphynx & Thai

  5. Category 5 - House cat (short and long coated) and can include pedigree pets but must be from one in the category lists

  6. Category 6 - None recognised breeds - American Bobtail (long and shorthair), American shorthair, American Wirehair, Asian, Australian Mist, Bombay, Bohemian Rex, Japanese Bobtail longhair, Lykoi, Me-Kong Bobtail, Nebelung, Ragamuffin, Toyger, Tiffanie & Tonkinese (long and shorthair)

  • If your breed is not listed then you cannot enter the show

  • Best in show will receive a rosette

  • Best in category cats will receive a rosette and prize

Our Judges

Please note that judges are open to change due to travel restrictions but we will notify entries as soon as we can of any changes

Full EMS codes can be found on the

FIFe website 

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Entry Cost 1 Day

Entry cost for the first cat for 1 day



Member Entry


photo bomb.jpg

Entry Cost 2 Days

Entry cost for first cat for 2 days



Member Entry


cat in box.jpg

Free Entry for FULL Members

Full Members - one free entry (conditions apply)


£40 or £60

Member Entry


Side Classes


King of Love - any entire male

The Colour of Love - any tortie, red or cream


Baby Love - any kitten 4-7 months

Family Love - progeny, any blood related cats/kittens

Each winner will receive a rosette and small gift, if we have a good entry then rosettes will be supplied for 1st to 4th placed cats

If you would like to sponsor a side class please get in contact.  We will advertise your cattery on this page and also add your wording to the rosettes as well as choice of tail colours - Sponsorship is £10

Best Dressed Pen

Decorate your show pen or cage with the theme of LOVE, valentine special means hearts, pink red and lots of love

Best pen/cage will receive a prize and is free to enter

If you would like to sponsor this fun rosette then please get in contact.  You can choose tail colour and have your wording on the tail - Sponsorship £10

Entry Fees

Entry per cat/kitten - 1 day £40 for the first cat and all additional cat £25 each

Strictly cats member prices - 1 day £39 and each additional cat £24 each

Entry per cat/kitten - 2 day £60 for the first cat, £40 for the second cat and each additional cat £35

Strictly cats member prices - 2 day £58 for the first cat, £38 for the second cat and additional cat £33

Full members get one full entry free as long as they have one paid entry as well as the member discount

Colour Assessment - £5 per cat

Side class entry - £3 per cat per class

Entry fees include cages - cages are approximately 2ft by 4ft

Current Show Details

February 12th & 13th 2022

ENTRIES CLOSE 2nd February 2022


Mr. Jørgen billing - All Breed - DK

Mr. Aliosha Romero - All Breed - IS

Mrs. Annika Berner - 1 & 2 - SE 

Show Manager - Kavita Vincent

Entry Clerk - Roy Hollely

Important – Vetting–in

Times Strictly   7.30am – 8.30am Saturday 8am - 8:30am Sunday

Rosettes - The club will only supply rosettes for Best in Variety and Best in Show


Vaccinations - All cats must be inoculated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, FVR & FCV. The full course in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation must have been completed at least 15 days prior to the show. You will be required to produce a current vaccination certificate for each cat exhibited.

White Cats - No White cat can be accepted at a FIFE show without a certificate of hearing. This will need to be produced during the vetting in process.


Entry Changes – May be made up to 10 days prior to the show for an administration fee of £5.00.  Amendments will be done free of charge.   Completing the entry form is the exhibitor’s responsibility.

Confirmation - it is the Exhibitors responsibility to ensure that an entry has been accepted. A stamped self-addressed envelope enclosed with the entry is recommended. If you provide an email address confirmation will be sent by Saturday before the show

Show Classes - the Show Manager will enter your cat in the appropriate class according to information received. It is the Exhibitors responsibility to check their cat’s details in the catalogue and if a mistake is found, inform the secretariat before the judging commences, after which point it is be too late.

Stewarding - exhibitors will be asked to present their own cats to the judge however help will be on hand if required.

Cat Names - the full registered name (exactly as it is stated on the registration document, including any registration letter and/ or titles and awards) must also be stated on the show entry form. Awards and titles gained at the show are dependent on the correct information being available to the Show Manager.

Colour Assessments - please advise the Entry clerk at the time of entering if you require a colour Assessment.  All colour assessments will be charged £5 per cat and if this is not requested at time of entering the show, we may not be able to accommodate you.

COVID Restrictions

Please be aware that you will need to adhere to any requirements that are imposed during the show.  These may change depending on current circumstances at the time of the show.  By entering the show you are agreeing to these rules.

Current restrictions mean you are not required to wear a mask but the show team would advise that you maintain your distance during the show and wear a mask if you can. 

Full restrictions and requirements will be emailed to each exhibitor prior to the show